Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spooky Hallows pattern giveaway begins!!!

I've completed the first step on all the patterns and created this faux quilt via EQ7.  Now I can begin the pattern giveaway.  First on the list is "Spooky Boot with Frog", the top left block.  I have also posted the Supply List.   Just click the red words and the picture below.  I will be posting a new block pattern every two weeks so I should be back on by July 11th and then July 25th.   I will be following the quilt along the top row first.  So next will be "Spooky Skull with Spider".
Please note that the patterns are only 63% of desired pattern size.  It was necessary to reduce them to fit onto standard 11 x 8.5 paper for PDF files.  Just make a copy of the pattern and take it to a copy company and have it increased by 159% and printed.  This message is included on all block patterns.

I will not be sharing how to's on applique as there is a number of great online sources for tutorials on applique.  Here is one of the best .  Erin's methods are very, very close to mine.  I don't use plastic template sheets for my templates.  I use plain old freezer paper tripled for a nice solid template. They are much easier to cut.  I also pre-shrink the freezer paper to reduce shrinkage during the applique process.  Just lay sticky side down on your ironing board and lightly spritz with water, press after a minute. It will crinkle a little but this should not be a problem.  If you are using this method of making templates be sure to make the templates reversed.  Simply lay your paper layout on your light source upside down then trace you pattern pieces.  That way you can iron the templates to the back of the fabric being used and it doesn't move.  Just cut around template using a scant 1/4" seam allowance.  

Another thing to notice is that the Cat's eyes are done in reverse applique.  That means that the cat is appliqued to the eye fabric.  This method is actually more accurate and helps the eyes to recede as they should.  I have not done the embroidery work and any of the blocks.  Actually this is the only block sewn done.  The rest are only glued down.  I will be sewing them before posting (I hope).

I think I have covered everything.  If you have any questions just leave a post on this blog and I will try and reply promptly.  

Spooky Halloween begins!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Penguin Quilt

Several people have asked where I downloaded the pattern for the penguin block on the internet.  For some reason it no longer comes up when doing a search.  I am therefore posting the ones I made in EQ7 from the free one that I downloaded.  It was never more than a line drawing so you will have to grab a piece of graph paper or draw it in EQ7 as I did.  It really is a basic 9 patch with the use of half square triangles and corner triangles.  Therefore it would be best to design your block making sure that the dimensions are divisible by three.  Mine are for a small quilt so they are 3" finished.
I decided to post the colored versions for clarity in what the block looks like.
The original design split the white into two patches.  I chose to make them one. The corner patches are all from side center to adjoining side center.  Some have two corner patches and one has just one.    The wings are just half square triangles.
This is a variation on the original block.  Split the head patch in half and then the bottom patch should be split in half a second time.  Add corner patches to create the beak to these split patches.

To make it all really clear click on each picture and you will be taken to a private link and surprise.  Don't be afraid if one of them doesn't have a preview download it and the right file pops up.  I'm not sure of the finished sizes on these files but you can ajust that with any printer.  You may have to print the file as is then reduce it.

Happy quilting!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Free Applique: Fluttering Block IV

I'm behind as usual.  Sorry folks.  I just fell apart about sewing while I was sewing machineless.  No excuses just a lack of interest since I couldn't sew.  So I took up knitting beaded bags again and caught up on my gardening.  Just click the picture and it will take you to the free PDF file.

If there are any ideas what kind of applique/embroidery pattern you would like to start next let me know.  I'm apt to continue with my applique Halloween quilt that I started and never finished.  Here's a sneak peek:  I have since changed the color of the witches boot and it now shows up better.

These 9 quilt blocks measure 12" x 16".  and will make a great holiday quilt. If you love Halloween as much as I do this is the quilt project for you. I haven't worked out the entire setting but that's half the fun of doing a quilt.  I've already designed all the blocks and have 3 ready to applique.  That means there will be color photos to share of each block.

I can post two a month so we could all finish this cute quilt by the end of October.  So I guess that's the plan.  Then we can move on to my other applique quilt that I have had designed but never even started.  It is a great floral quilt that I hope you will all love.  Lol , I have more designs than time.  I will start posting "Spooky Times"  series starting this coming week.  Then if all goes well I will post every two weeks with another block.  Then will finish the setting and quilting in October.  Sound good?  

Halloween is here!!!!
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