Monday, August 19, 2013

Muddle of Mice Tutorials finally Here

I have finally finished the tutorials for my Muddle of Mice.  I do have to say that I was very neglectful of taking pictures during the making of these mice.  I'm afraid some of my tutorials have pictures of the bees because of this.  I guess I was too worried about getting everything done before my sisters birthday.  Which I missed by about a week anyway.  

I don't have pictures of the items separately so I'll just list the items and post a link to the PDF's from there.  Here we go:
Here is the only picture of one of the Muddle of Mice, it's the needle keeper. Turned out very cute.  Note I made all my mice blind no particular reason just liked them that way.  If you want sighted mice just add 1/4" black buttons to your list of materials and maybe 1/2" for the pouch.
Just to let you know I have started on the Snowy Christmas quilt and am almost half way through with the prep work.  I should be able to start sharing the PDF files in the next two weeks.  I'm just 2 months short of my original personal deadline.  Oh well life goes on and things change.  

Here's to a Muddle!!!

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