Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rudolfo Quilt Continues

This is the Rudolfo quilt with the first and second borders attached. I am working in batik fabrics in Mexican colors to embrace their heritage. The center block is a version of a Double Friendship block in triplicate. This symbolizes the friendships between myself/my late husband and my friend/his late wife and my friend/his current wife. The zigzag is for fun.

Here is a preview of what is next.

What would you do?

What would you do when one of your best friends asks, “I’ve known you 20 years. Where’s my quilt.” This was asked in a restaurant with a table full of people.
Should I tell him the truth. That I started collecting the fabric 5 years ago and that I was working on the design. That while I was working it out my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. That it has taken me 2 years from my husbands death to even touch fabric. That I was going to start sewing his quilt that day until his wife called and asked me to accompany them on a yard sale fest.
Instead I made a joke about it and then went home and started their quilt. Here is the center of the Rudolfo quilt.

This block is a 24” variation of Marcia Hohn’s 9” “Ellen’s Block”. The pattern for this block can be found at www.quilterscache.com
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