Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love in Bloom Free Applique Pattern Begins

Hello!! I'm back!!  Sorry it took so long. I've been cleaning up the ole studio and trying to organize all my projects.  I had promised myself that this would be my priority this year.  I just couldn't stand not doing something new too.  lol  Here it is and I'm calling it "Love is Bloom".  I guess I'm just not done with hearts and flowers.  They are actually two of my most favorite things.  Just click on the picture above and it will take you to the Materials list.
Here is Block 1 of the new "Love in Bloom"  Series.  Be aware that this block has been reduced to fit a standard 8.5 x 11" paper.  To make the right size you will need to increase the size by 160%.  When you open the PDF you will also notice that the outline block is smaller then what fits on the page but the guide lines for placement are correct.  Click on the picture of this block and it will take you to the free PDF file. Hope everyone enjoys this new design.  I'll be back next week to share the second block in this series.
Here is my fabric stash before and below is the picture of after. I used the new way of folding fabric using a 6" ruler as a folding guide.  Then I organized the folded fabrics into plastic tubs that I can see through.
I'm really enjoying this new method.  It gives easy access and easy viewing.  I can view my whole collection of one color without dragging out half the closet.  I just have to lift out the tub for that particular color.  I'm going to have to be good about putting it back the way I found it.  But with this method if I'm not it won't fit into the closet.  
It's been a lot of work but it's also made me sick.  Literally sick,  it created so much dust that I was sneezing and wheezing the whole time.  Now I'm suffering from vertigo created from allergies and am taking meds to clear this up.  The bad news is I'm only half way through.  I've only done the Halloween and batik fabrics so far.  That's the fabrics I mostly use for my applique but I need to finish.  Maybe if I really know what I own it will be easier to use up some of this fabric.  

I'm taking a break from folding fabrics and I have to order more tubs anyway.  I'm going to try and space it out.  That's hard to do as it creates a major mess while trying to organize and fold at the same time.  Fabric and tubs everywhere and no place to put anything until a shelf is clear.

Organization is key to success!!!!
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