Friday, December 21, 2012

Final blocks for Snowmen in the Pines

Block 3 Bottom Left
As I sit here and write this post I am listening to some of my favorite Christmas songs from Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Burl Ives, Frankie Lane, Gene Autry, Clay Aiken, Johnny Mathis and some unknowns.  We listened to everyone of these except Clay and Johnny, of course, every Christmas.  Today I am starting my Christmas baking and felt this would be the thing to listen to as I bake.  Can't wait to hear from favorites like "I saw Mommy kissing Santa" .

This will probably be my last post before Christmas so I want to wish everyone a great Holiday and/or Merry Christmas.  I'll probably be back before New Years hopefully with finish tops for both these small wall hangings.  So today I will be sharing both the 3rd and 4th block for Snowmen in the Pines. Please note that the red strip needs to be added to complete the applique on both blocks.  Sorry, no corncob pipes.  I just don't have the time to meet that challenge.  I need to finish up these wall hangings and get ready for the floral quilt I want to share with everyone.  Then don't forget that in the summer I will be sharing a new cat quilt featuring fun stuff for Christmas.  Then who knows where my imagination will take me.  If you want to share ideas please feel free. I've thought of doing a series of monthly wall quilts that are all the same size so that I could replace it every month in the same spot on my wall. They would feature things from that particular   month. Whatever comes after these 2 quilts I will try and keep it as simple as possible.  
Block 4 Bottom Right
Merry Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa in the Pines Final

Here is one block with the paper pieced trees added.  That's all the time I had to do this and still get it to you all in time.  Just click on the picture and it will take you to a PDF with the Paper Piecing Pattern and the final cutting instructions.

Oh, I have to tell you that I had to revise Part 3 & 4.  I had forgotten to add the shoulder pieces that I added as I was sewing them.  They are ok if you have already done them.  I just wanted to add more red.  Anyway go here and here to get the revised patterns.  Sorry for all the confusion on this pattern.  At least I've worked out all the kinks so the Snowmen in the Pines should be a breeze.  I hope!!!

This block is Part 2 of the Snowmen in the Pines version.  No special instructions for this one.  Just have fun!!!!  I will be back in a few days with the next two blocks.

Hope you are all ready for Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa in the Pines Part 4 and a Surprise!!!

Here is the last applique block for the Santa in the Pines wall hanging. This is the bottom right block.   No special instructions for this block.  I hope you enjoy making these blocks as much as I have had making them. 

I was going to give you the PP piecing pattern and final instructions today, but I was challenged last week by a reader to make these same blocks into snowmen.  What do you think about the same Mini Wall hanging featuring snowmen.  I couldn't resist so here is the first block in the Snowmen in the Pines wall hanging.
This is the top left block.  You will need to add the red strip to the bottom of the block before the snowmen's scarf can be finished.
I will be back early next week with the second block in this wall hanging and the pattern for the trees.  I will also give the final instructions for the Santa in the Pines wall hanging.  

Hope this is a pleasant surprise!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Santa in the Pines Part 3

So today we start with Part 3 of Santa in the Pines.  On this block a third strip of red needs to be added in order to sew down Santa's mustache.  Cut a strip 1 1/2" by 7 7/8".  Sew this strip to the left side of a prepared background block leaving open about 3" on the bottom of the block.  This is the bottom left block.   Just click on the picture and it will take you to a downloadable PDF.

Have Fun!!!!
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