Friday, September 19, 2014

HoWlinG HauNteD HoUsE Wall Quilt Continues

Here it is a week later and time for the Candy Corner border.  This border comes in two parts, the border and the corner pieces.  Click Here for the border PDF file and Here for the corners.  Please make sure that your printer is set to 100%.  I noticed that some people had trouble with the pattern being bigger than the paper on the last round.  

You will need four borders and four corners for this round.  If you are using more than one background fabric make sure to do several offsetting triangles with both fabrics.  No rhyme or reason just scatter them to your liking. For a reminder of the whole quilt a picture is below.

If you enjoy pincushions don't forget to go to my tutorial page to see several Halloween pincushions.  All the PDF files are linked there. 

Keep on Howling!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

HoWlinG HauNteD HoUsE Wall Quilt

Halloween is almost here and it's time for some great items I have to share with everyone.  This year for Halloween I decided to do something different, instead of an applique quilt I decided to do a pieced wall quilt.  The finished size is 47" x 47".  For the fabric requirements click HERE   Don't try to duplicate these fabrics as they are from my stash and very old.  In fact the house and some of the blocks are made with a piece of hand dyed fabric I dyed myself several years ago.  I can tell you that 95% of the fabrics used were batiks.

The above picture is from EQ7 so there may have been a few changes.  I'm in the process of quilting this wall hanging and it's not ready for pictures.  Ignore the funny way the moon is showing. I had to do that in order to place it over more than one block.  There is a lot to learn in EQ7 and I still have a lot more to learn.  I usually design my applique in Canvas, a drafting program designed with an artist in mind.

In the fabric requirement PDF you will find the applique patterns without seam allowances for the moon and the oval windows.  There is also 3 ghost patterns that have not been included in this picture.  They will be applied after the quilt is quilted.  Remember my Boo block with the organza ghosts.
That's how these ghosts will be applied to the front of the house on this quilt.  You can either find the original post on how to applique organza or you can just click on the picture about to go to the PDF tutorial.

Are you ready to start on this house?  Click on the picture below and it will take you to the PDF file.
Why did I use two different back ground fabrics you ask!  Not enough fabric is the answer.  Since I'm now retired my budget is very small for fabric purchases for every quilt.  So the new rule of thumb is to make my designs without purchasing new fabric.  If I have to purchase I'm only allowed one purchase, unless of course I'm already broke that month.   Since my stash is vast this is not a problem unless I don't have the right shade of a color.  I didn't have two periwinkle fabrics that were the same shade so I kept going until I was happy with what I did.  This is easy to do if using EQ7.  You just need to scan the fabrics and import them into the program.  The problem was that I wanted the house to float into the Candy Corn border.  I felt this gave the quilt a scarier feel.

Just a warning!! This house is very easy to piece except it has a stray piece that will need some partial sewing.  That's where you just sew part of the seam, attach more pieces and finish the seam after this.  It's piece K under the eave of the top dormer.  I wish I had taken some pictures as I sewed this section but I didn't. If you have trouble with this section let me know and I will try and do some kind of demo.  

I will be furnishing you with the Candy Corn Border and Corners next week.  Make sure I keep that promise please.  lol  

Have Howling Good Time!
Marjory Peck

Friday, August 1, 2014

Finally the last 2 blocks for Love in Bloom!!!

Here it is at long last the 3rd block in the series "Love in Bloom".  Boy oh boy am I late getting these blocks out to you.  No good excuses just seem to be rudderless these days.  I actually started this blog to give me deadlines so that I would accomplish more.  It worked for the first few years, but this year I'm lost again.  Let's blame it on that I'm turning 65 at the end of the year.  That's a good excuse isn't it.  But really I'm just keep starting things and not finishing.  I have a rule to not post until the item is pattern ready so that I can share with that pattern with you.

Here is block 4 from the "Love in Bloom" series.  I decided that if I held it up I might never get it posted.  I have so many irons in the fire right now it's crazy.

My DD asked me to make her a set of kitchen appliance covers and I've designed them but have yet to touch fabric.  She asked in December 2013.  But in my defense every time I design something I get more and more ideas.  So I've spent most of my time this year on designing.  I've designed a whole set of kitchen appliance covers for me and also a sewing kit set for me that is frogs.  

I've made and need to write patterns for several pincushions.  Missed most of the holidays that those were for. Yet I still need to get it together because I've designed a whole quilt and several pincushions for my favorite holiday, Halloween.

On the up side some of my patterns are now being featured on Favequilts. Check it out by clicking on the name.  They've done mostly my Halloween pincushions so far.  You still come to my blog to download the pattern.  It's just to make more blog exposure.  Well I need to get back to work to get some of these projects done.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some great patterns to share.

Sharing is such fun!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

What's on Your Design Wall?

Here are a few of my unfinished projects that I have ear marked for finishing soon.  So far I'm not doing so bad.  I've finished the machine applique on the flamingo's and the ladies.  Hand applique is almost finished on the frogs.  I'm about to finish the machine applique on the three Halloween quilts today.

I will then be moving onto a few borders for everything but the ladies.  They are ready for squaring up and sandwiching.  Let's see how long this takes me.

You may recognize a few of these mini quilts.  They are duplicates of mini's I designed for swaps in the last two years.  I like to try to make myself a copy.  I guess it's hard to give away without keeping something.  Do you all have that problem.  I just have that problem with the mini's.  I just have to have my own copy.

Let's talk about naming quilts for a minute.  Words are the hardest part for me.  I almost always have trouble naming my quilts.  The frogs, flamigos and the witch have names but the other three don't.  If anyone has any great ideas for the three just leave a message and who knows maybe I'll choose your naming, or maybe it will help me to think up a name.  I could use any help you can give.

I will be linking to Design Wall 6/23/2014 @  Patchwork times.

Nameless quilts are a bore!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Finished Quilts!!!!!!!

This quilt is called, "Birds on a Wire".  It is a duplicate of a quilt I did a year ago for a swap.  I actually made them at the same time, but under a time crunch I never finished mine.  Now here it is.  Hurrah!!!!    One more bit the dust!!!  It's finished, it's finished, it's finished.  That's my happy dance.  Actually I made a major error that I have to fix.  I attached the quilt sleeve to the bottom of the quilt and not the top.  I guess that upside down bird confused me.  LOL  

Here is a close up of the birds.  This is the last time I used raw edge and I will probably never do it again.  Sorry ladies, I can't stand raw edge!!!!  It's just as easy to do it with turning it under and machine applique on top.  I'll be showing you some of my other small quilts where I've done them that way pretty soon I hope.  I'm working on finishing them now.   
Now here is the quilt I did for the swap last year.  Mine is a bit bigger by choice. 
Another finish for me is a Block of the Month I started in the early 90's.  The pattern was furnished by the local quilt shop for a month.  After a month this was a minimum cost.  I can't remember the name of the quilt.  It is hand appliqued and machine quilted.  
Finishing is key!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Visiting Colorado

 I have not been posting lately.  Everything is fine for those of you that were kind enough to send me messages asking after me.  I'm still having trouble with allergy's but am trying to keep busy.  The real reason you haven't heard from me is that I'm working on older quilt projects and I'm making progress but not finishing anything yet.

In the middle of all this I spent last weekend flying to my DSD's for a mini family reunion.  We were meeting a granddaughter/niece that we had never met.  So we spent the weekend teaching her how to sew.  What better way to get to know someone then to sew with them.

As a surprise to my DSD, I made her a quilt of her dog and his favorite toy.  He's so cute dragging along that 6' blue snake that I couldn't resist creating a quilt in his honor.  So here it is, "Charlie and His Snake, Blue.   Below is the small quilt in it's new home in DSD's entryway.
Here is a picture of Charlie with his blanky and his snake,  two of his most favorite things.  
 We also went through DSD's colletion of her quilts and some of mine.  Here is a clown I made for her oldest son as a baby.  Back then I stole pictures from coloring books.  I think that's where I took this cute clown.  I had fun making this I remember.

 Here is another small quilt I made for DSD's oldest daughter.  DSD wanted me to make the quilt feminine but also showing a girl in sports.  She never played baseball but she did play rugby.  She was just a baby when this was made so we didn't know what she would play.

I've also been trying to get my quilt records up to date by photographing all my quilts that haven't been photographed or at least not in digital.  I've created a file on my computer with pictures and history for each and every quilt.  Once I have it current it will be easy to keep it current.

I've also been trying to write my history.  I was explaining to my Landlady how I used to lecture and all the stories I told about my quilts, quilted clothing and cloth dolls in my journey's.  She said, "I hope you have it all written down so it's not lost."  That started me thinking that she is right, so I've split my time between writing my history, finishing unfinished projects and documenting all my quilts.  Pretty boring to write here about but I'll try to do better.  The part I'm behind on is good pictures of my clothing.  I can't wear it and photograph it at the same time.  Some of it doesn't fit anymore either.  I'll have to get someone that can model or take photo's.

Keeping up the history can be fun!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Love in Bloom Block 2 Now Available

I have posted "Love in Bloom Block 2" as a free PDF file.  Just click on the above picture and it will take you to the PDF file.  You can either download it or print it.

I have been trying to get this posted all day but it's taken this long to get back to it. What was keeping me you may ask.  Car registration!!!!  When I went outside to get something from my car I noticed that the tags were due last month.  How could that be I never received a renewal notice.  

When I check out the registration in the car I noticed it still had my old address on it.  But I changed it two years ago.  Something was way wrong here.  So I called DMV and of course had to wait in line.  That wasn't too bad as most people renew online these days.  It  could have been much worse.  The problem with the registration is that my deceased (Bless him) husband is the primary owner on the car and his address wasn't changed.  I can't change it because I'm not him.

They asked me why I never removed him.  That's a long story I will try to make short.  Arizona does car titles differently than all other states.  They don't stop the owner from holding the title if they are still paying on the car.  In other states most titles are held by the loan holder until paid off.  We purchased this car when we lived in Colorado where the loan holder holds the title.  So Arizona never had the title.  If I want to remove my husband from the title I need to go back to Colorado and go through their red tape to get the title.  Then I could get the title here in Arizona.  Why do that when I already have my name on the registration and I'll probably drive this car until it or I die.

Luckily the rep I talked to at DMV just made me primary owner so I can now have the renewals coming to the proper address.  That done I needed to get a smog certificate before I could do online registration.  Off I went.  There is always a line there.  Not as long as it used to be since they can just hook up to the cars computer and do the smog test.  

They charged me and then told me I failed and could go inside to find out why. This part really scared me.  I'm on a limited income and I worry when anything breaks.  I'm still trying to save for a new dryer. Anyway it was only that my gas cap wasn't up to par.  That's an easy fix, so off to Checkers to buy a new gas cap.  They were nice enough to take off my old gas cap and put on the new one. The old one had a tether and it needed to be removed with a socket set. While there I also bought new windshield wipers that I've needed for some time.  Everything made of rubber or plastic just gets eaten up here in Arizona.  We have to change all that out every two years.  Same with our car batteries.  Luckily they are under warranty for 5 years, but can only be replaced once after purchase.

Back to the smog testing site and another line.  Finally I'm ready for my online registration.  Went to get something to eat and then home.  Wow, it's 5 and all I've done is the car registration.  I really can't complain because a few years ago I would have had to wait in line at the DMV for hours to be told what I learned over the telephone only waiting an hour.  The testing used to take hours in line also, then I would have had to go back to DMV in person to finish with several hours wait there again.

Good news is that I am now a legally covered driver again.  Woooooo Hooooo!!!!
I don't have my stickers but I have a paper that makes it okay. The new stickers will come in the mail to the right address and all will be well.

Make it legal!!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love in Bloom Free Applique Pattern Begins

Hello!! I'm back!!  Sorry it took so long. I've been cleaning up the ole studio and trying to organize all my projects.  I had promised myself that this would be my priority this year.  I just couldn't stand not doing something new too.  lol  Here it is and I'm calling it "Love is Bloom".  I guess I'm just not done with hearts and flowers.  They are actually two of my most favorite things.  Just click on the picture above and it will take you to the Materials list.
Here is Block 1 of the new "Love in Bloom"  Series.  Be aware that this block has been reduced to fit a standard 8.5 x 11" paper.  To make the right size you will need to increase the size by 160%.  When you open the PDF you will also notice that the outline block is smaller then what fits on the page but the guide lines for placement are correct.  Click on the picture of this block and it will take you to the free PDF file. Hope everyone enjoys this new design.  I'll be back next week to share the second block in this series.
Here is my fabric stash before and below is the picture of after. I used the new way of folding fabric using a 6" ruler as a folding guide.  Then I organized the folded fabrics into plastic tubs that I can see through.
I'm really enjoying this new method.  It gives easy access and easy viewing.  I can view my whole collection of one color without dragging out half the closet.  I just have to lift out the tub for that particular color.  I'm going to have to be good about putting it back the way I found it.  But with this method if I'm not it won't fit into the closet.  
It's been a lot of work but it's also made me sick.  Literally sick,  it created so much dust that I was sneezing and wheezing the whole time.  Now I'm suffering from vertigo created from allergies and am taking meds to clear this up.  The bad news is I'm only half way through.  I've only done the Halloween and batik fabrics so far.  That's the fabrics I mostly use for my applique but I need to finish.  Maybe if I really know what I own it will be easier to use up some of this fabric.  

I'm taking a break from folding fabrics and I have to order more tubs anyway.  I'm going to try and space it out.  That's hard to do as it creates a major mess while trying to organize and fold at the same time.  Fabric and tubs everywhere and no place to put anything until a shelf is clear.

Organization is key to success!!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to All!

It's Christmas morning so I thought I would share the items I sent to my partner in the Santa Sack Swap.  She doesn't have a blog or website so it's up to me to post the items.  Let me tell you some of her likes first.  Her favorite color is red, she likes quilted houses, Raggedy Anne, and Gingerbreadmen.  So here is what I came up with for her 6 gifts.  This is everything but the home made jams that I sent.

Now for the individual pictures.  I'll start with the tote.  We had to make a tote or Christmas stocking, my partner asked for a tote non Christmas.   She loves quilted houses so I designed this tote just for her.
This tote is even better than mine because I found a better way to make the strap.  This strap is very strong and doesn't stretch.  Mine does, I'll give the link for this tutorial on another posting.
This picture is deceiving.  It's much smaller then it appears.  It is like 6" x 8" and made with the only gingham I own.  My partner loves gingham.  I took step by step pictures on how to make this pouch so I will make a tutorial for some time in January.
I couldn't do a swap without a pincushion so her she is.  As I've already stated my partner loves Raggedy Anne.  I couldn't make just one, I needed one too.  She's about 6" tall.  I've also taken step by step pictures of her and will share latter.

My partner also received the same ornaments that I gave my family for Christmas. There were 3 snowmen, 1 red, 1 green and this blue one.  Of course I made myself a set of these ornaments and they are hanging on my tree.  
Last but not least I made a small wallhanging just for my partner.  I designed the Gingerbread men and the corner peppermints.  The Candy cane is a free pattern on the internet but I adapted it to be longer than the original. The wrapped candy is also from the same source as the candy cane. The zigzag is double flying geese pattern done in three different fabrics.  The finished size of this quilt is 30"x30".  
I also bound this quilt differently than I normally do.  I found a tutorial on how to add piping along with the binding  and it's all machine sewn.  It worked like a charm, soo soo easy and great added interest. 

Well, that's the lot.  I know my partner was supposed to open these gifts last night.  I hope she will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.  I just love the challenge of making something for someone I don't know.  

See you next year so have a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Santa Swap 2013 Opening Day

This is my last swap for 2013, it was a 6 months long swap.  Cheryl over on Gone Stitchin' organized it.  She collected everyone's names that wanted to join and then gave out the partners.  This was a straight across swap so we knew who had our name and vise versa.  We then needed to make or buy 6 gifts for our partner.  One gift had to be a tote or stocking and one needed to be a homemade gift for Christmas.  We had each others email so we could tell our partner what we liked.  Then today is the day we can open our gifts.  Some are waiting for Christmas but I'm leaving right after Christmas so I opened today.

This the the collection of gifts I received from my partner, Mary Pat.  As you can see there are several more than 6.  Oh dear, I sent 6, but in my defense all of them were made by me.  She's not opening until Christmas Eve and doesn't have a blog.  I'll post pictures of what I sent to her after or on Christmas Eve.

I choose to have a tote that wasn't Christmas so here is that tote along with a yoyo maker, a cute little Chicken Pincushion, along with pins.  There is also those great clips used when binding a quilt.  I really needed those.  I have one package and needed more.  Now how did she know that?

This next picture is the Christmas items sent to me. Mary Pat embroidered a Christmas tree and then framed it.  I'm going to really enjoy this along with the kitchen towel with the appliqued tree on it.  There is also a wood tree with a small embroidered Christmas tree decoration hanging from it.    
Here is the apple items I received.  A glass apple that is gorgious,  a small apple plate, and 2 apple placemats that Mary Pat made.  The three bottles in the top corner are a unique vase.  Can't wait to add flowers.   
This picture shows the great Halloween items I received.  You all know how much I love Halloween!! This is a piece of embroidered linen that I can make into any thing I want along with some great Halloween fabric.  I'm already thinking about what I really want to make with this great embroidery.  Look at the web in the background.  It is very intricate.  Check back to see what I decide what to do. 
Here is the last picture of various gifts, a hand crocheted wash cloth, a Charm Pack and a quilt label that Mary Pat embroidered.  I'm one lucky partner.  I just racked in some really good quality loot.  
May the New Year bring to joy, peace and love!!!
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