Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Stocking Challenge

I was busy with my many designs and making my annual Christmas Ornaments for my family when a friend called me about a last minute challenge.  You all know I can't resist a design challenge.  I dropped everything and started on the above stocking named of course, "Noel".   It is something that I have had in my mind for several years.  Almost 20 to be precise.  In fact I was having trouble working on it at first as I wanted it to be elegant and usually I do cute and/or humorous.  I think I created elegant.  What do you think?  Here is a closeup of the thread work done on the poinsettia petals:

Here is my second entry (we could have up to three entries).  It is named, "Santa's Delivery".  See I couldn't resist cute and humorous.  I just took a Santa I already designed and made him longer and added a stuffed frog.  Why a frog? some of you may ask.  Because I'm a froggy person not a teddy person.  So some lucky child will receive a stuffed frog and not a teddy.  he he he 

The rules were simple.  Just pick a stocking pattern from the Pellon site or the Baby Lock site and go for it. They are all pictured on Nancy Zieman's Blog and that is where you go to vote.  Voting started today and will continue unit the 8th.  Please take the time to go to this link to vote : http://www.nancyzieman.com/blog/sewing-2/christmas-stocking-sewing-challengevoting-begins/

Please go and vote


  1. Good luck with the votes! I love your Santa with the frog!

  2. Very fun!!! I *love* the frog with Santa. And yes - you got "elegant". ;D I really like the thread work on the poinsettia petals. Did you do that before you sewed the fabric into petals or after?

    1. Before so that the petals wouldn't be flat and it's also easier to do one 10" x 10" piece of fabric. I also didn't use this fancy fabric on the back side of the petals.

  3. I love your stockings, especially the one with the frog! :0)

  4. Voted and love both of your stockings. Love the dimensional pointsettias and as well the frog and Santa so it was a challenge.

  5. Your elegant stocking is gorgeous. That santa & frog are so cute.

  6. The poinsettias are lovely but I must admit that I am more of a frog kind of gal. Just love Santa and the frog.



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