Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FLiQs Round 3

Yes, I did it again.  I joined another swap.  I just love the challenge of designing for others that I don't even know.  I stalk them on their photostream on Flickr and see what they like.  They also fill out a questionaire.  The group FLiQs is Fab Little Quilts.   Just click on the highlighted word above and it will take you to the groups photostream.  There you will find pictures of all the fabulous quilts.

This quilt was sent to Pinkbrain Quilts in Quebec, Canada and is 24" so the corners are just 3.5" finished.  It took forever to do all the paperpiecing.  Her favorite kind of small quilt was tiny paperpiecing.  So I searched the internet and found a few free patterns and worked from there.  The center of this quilt is available for a free PDF file on Craftsy.  Oh, I just relocated it on Craftsy and it is now $5.00 per pattern.  It was free for a long time.  I changed the center star to add the piece corners.  I felt it was too plain after piecing it.    The corner star was also available free from another site that I can't find now.  Such is life.  I then copied the patterns into EQ7 to work up the entire quilt with my fabrics.  Just love EQ7.
I made a Dumpling Bag and a pincushion made with a duplicate corner block sent along with some See's Candies Suckers for my extras.  The Dumpling bag was so easy and fast to make.  It is a design of Michelle Patterns and is available on her blog free.  Don't you just love all the free stuff on the net.  

My partner, Pinkbrain Quilts has already received her package and loved everything which is great.  I always worry that I am doing the right thing for my partner.  She didn't state a favorite color, just brights so I did a rainbow quilt with pink instead of red.  Surprise there right!!!

Now for the best part the quilt and loot I received:
I have named it "I'm a Frog".  Isn't he cute!!!  I'm going to be hanging it with all my frog quilts on the wall of fame in my bedroom.  I will share that after I hang this little beauty.  This was made by Spicedcoffee from California. She only posted one sneak peek of this quilt.  It was just a small view of the frog nose, but mostly background.  Everyone thought it was a watermelon.  I took one look and posted that it was a frog and it was mine.  LOL  I saw that picture and just knew.  It came in the mail two days later.
Here is all the loot I raked in on this swap. Fabric paints, 3 batik fabrics, a quilt book "Stratavarious Quilts" along with a card with my frog on it.  Everything is just a pink cloud of fun.   There is also a matchbook type item with paper inside.  I will admit that I don't know what this is.  Do you? 

Swaps are fun!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Favorite Bag/Tote Remade

Hi Everyone;

Thank you all for your concern.  Everything is fine.  I guess I just needed a break from the ole blog.  I went to start the quilt that I had promised you but needed to clean the studio to do this.  While cleaning I came across piles and piles of fabric that had been chosen for projects waiting for me to have time.  I just couldn't go on to a new project without doing some of these projects.  I knew it would help to clean the room and give me more space in my 10' x 10' space.  I thought, "This should only take a week or two."

Well here we are months later and I'm still at it.  Of course with a few holidays and out of state company there have been a few distractions.  Mostly I have been getting these projects ready for either quilting or hand sewing.  I'm almost done but not quite.  Most of these projects I can share but not give out the patterns, I guess that's what has kept me from posting.  That and guilt for not starting the next big quilt.  Not it's time just yet.

Let me tell you about the bag/tote pictured above.  I received it from some book purchase years and years ago.  I thought it was a terrible color and the wrong shape to be of much use to me.  But being frugal I started using it.  I used it so much that it has holes in the bottom.  I loved it!!!!   It has been sitting in my closet
waiting for me to make a pattern for it so I could have a new one. Years it's been patiently waiting.  Then about a year ago I got it out, decided what I wanted and picked the fabrics.  It's been a pile on my cutting table since.

This was the first project that I tackled on my goal of de-piling my space. It is about 17" x 17" with a 12" circle bottom. Here is my version:
I have written a tutorial for this fun bag and I have two more designs and fabric picked out. So much for de-piling.  Just click on the picture and it will take you to the free PDF file.  Enjoy!!!!

I will try to come back next week with another pile undone.  LOL

Quilting is everything!!!!
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