Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa in the Pines Part 2

I'm Baaack!!!  LOL.  I flew to Memphis on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and all considered it all went well.  Weather was warmer than normal but so was it here.  I had so much fun that when I got back on Sunday evening I went to bed and basically rested all of yesterday.  I'm doing laundry and catching up today.

First thing was to get my files in order for this project.  Second will be to sew the blocks.  I didn't touch a needle all 4 days and didn't miss it.  What I really missed was not having the internet for 4 days, 5 really with all the travel.  I kept telling my son I needed to get online.  I hadn't even printed my flight schedule because I thought I would have access.  But we stayed with the another member of the family and they didn't have access.  We were about 40 miles into Mississippi in the country.  Beautiful country and we really had a good time.

There isn't any special instructions for this block and I've double and triple checked to make sure it will print at the right size.  Just make sure that your printer is set at 100% and not at "Fit to Page".  "Fit to Page" almost always reduces the images even if they are within the printing area.  So just click on the picture of the Santa and it will take you to the PDF file.  

Hope you all had as great a Thanksgiving as I did.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Santa in the Pines Update

I have been notified that my PDF file for Part 1 of  the Santa in the Pines pattern is 1/4" too small.  I have now revised the file and everyone that downloads it from now on will get the revised file.  If you downloaded yesterday or earlier today you will need to either enlarge your pattern or redownload the file.  Just click on the picture or click HERE and it will take you to the revised PDF.

I am really sorry about this.  Somehow that file lost weight while sitting in storage. My copies are the right size and they were printed some time ago.  I checked the original and sure enough it was too small.  So it wasn't the conversion to PDF.  I just checked it after conversion and it is still 6.5 inches as it should be. So somehow it lost size in the original drafting program.  I will make sure that the other blocks don't have this problem and will keep checking to make sure it never happens again.  I hope!!!

Keep on Quilting!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Santa in the Pines Wall Hanging Part 1

The Santa in the Pines Pattern giveaway will begin with the top right block in the wallhaning setting.  As you may be able to tell this block has been glued but not sewn.  I hope to keep up with this sewing by the time I need to complete the setting.   Just click on the picture of the Santa to be taken to the free PDF.  This file will also contain a picture of the setting along with the fabric requirements to complete the wallhanging top.

I don't have a mock up of the finish quilt with the Santa's but I do have it without. Each Santa will hang over into the borders to add interest.  If this is something that you don't like you will need to make the center block bigger and you have to redraft the pine trees or adjust the other block inner borders.
I will be flying out to Memphis for Thanksgiving with my son and his family next week so I won't be back for at least two weeks for Part 2.  Hopefully I will have all the blocks ready for applique before I leave and will be able to sew a little while gone.  If you don't hear from me until after I come back:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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