Monday, January 12, 2015

Friday night with Friends for 2015

It's time again to join up and sew together on Friday nights.  It's held the first Friday of every month and last Friday was the first Friday of 2015.  I'm late posting but late is better then never.  Right?  Just click on the logo above and go and see what everyone else did last Friday night.

Here is what I worked on last Friday all day and into the night.  
I started this vest many years ago (so this counts as a finished UFO also, Whoopie!!) I had all the pieces cut out, the piecing and applique done.  I never finished it because it no longer fit.  I had gained too much weight.  Then last year I discovered it wasn't weight but bloat.  I had a serious yeast problem that I've spent months getting under control.  Part of getting control was to loose 6" off my waist as the websites said would happen.  Boy, do I feel better and am hoping that was part of my allergy problem for the last few years.  

Back Close Up

Anyway I can now fit into my quilted clothing again and have started wearing all my old pieces.  Then I found this unfinished vest.  I still have one other unfinished clothing project that is beaded to death and that's why it's not finished.  It's next after I finish a project I inherited from my mother. My sister gave me this:
She told me it was Mom's and that Mom was going to make a jacket from it.  It's more than enough for a jacket and by the way.  You do not make quilt tops and then cut out a jacket.  That would mean that you have grain lines going all different which ways and it would start to sag.  

All quilted clothing is done on a base.  This is usually muslin and you sew and flip as much as possible to the base to keep the fabrics stationary.   It works in quilting because the quilt is sandwiched and quilted.  Most quilted clothing is not quilted.  I for one do not need batting, I run too hot and it would make me larger.  I also like lined clothing.  Enough of the rant!  I have already started this jacket for me and will have to do a lot of machine embroidery to keep it stationary.  I will post here when done. 

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Beautiful vest and congrats on finishing it! Perhaps 2015 is the 'year of finishes' (sounds like a link party) - I have finished 2, almost 3, UFOs, although I prefer WIPs, that I discovered after Christmas ... a lot of satisfaction in that. :)

  2. I did not know that about quilted clothing. Thanks for the info. The vest is gorgeous, and I'm glad you are able to wear it!


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