Friday, February 11, 2011

Scrappy Pincushion Swap

Recently my friend, Alexa and I joined a Pincushion swap on Flickr and that deadline is coming up. So I put the purse, the quilt and the tea cozy aside to design and make the pincushion. I again decided to use dark blue because pink looks so good on it. Everyone that knows me knows this. LOL. I started with a basic heart.  It is fully interfaced and is made with a piece of my hand dyed fabric.
I always sew stuffed objects that will have a small seam allowance before I cut it out. The cross marks are where I will leave it un-sewn to turn and stuff. It was at this point that I decided maybe the heart needed a pleat or dart like the purse to add dimension. Oh, Oh, the heart was already sewn and cut out. What to do? So I made one of muslin. The dart didn’t work but the pleat did. I un-sewed the heart only where I had made the pleat on the muslin heart and re-sewed it.

Now here is the tease that I posted on Flickr for my partner. She doesn’t know who has her name and I don’t know who has mine. Here is a link to this swap group:

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