Wednesday, November 9, 2011

STUD (Swap Till You Drop) Sept-Oct Anything Goes Theme

My partner, Quiltnkimmie, loves "The Wizard of OZ" movie.  She has a collection of many different items from Oz.  I decide to do the witch for her.  After all my favorite holiday is Halloween.  I have called this mini quilt "Take that! My pretty!"  This was a gas to make.  Loved every inch of it. Here is the final package sent.
Yes, that's a witches hat pincushion.  Coming up with the right extra was the only problem I had with this swap.  Here's a closeup.

I'll be making one for myself for my collection and I will be putting together a tutorial at that time.  I may wait until next Halloween to share it or I may not.  tee he he he

Here's what I receive fro Quiltnkimmie.
He really is a "STUD".  I adore him!!!!  He's so cute!  I have yet to put him up on my wall of fame, but he will end up there sooner or later.  Wait I'm not done yet!!!  Let's see what else I received in this package.
There was a glass, a wood and 2 silver frogs in my package.  I'm in glory, I'm so thrilled.  The glass frog in on my frog shelf, the wooden frog is a magnet and is on the frig.  The silver frogs are hung out for me to see everyday.  Actually I will see them all everyday.
Quiltnkimmie said she thought it would be fun to include frogs made of different materials.  It is, it is!!!!  The next picture shows the little purse that the silver frogs
were.  It's darling!!!  When I finally have a shelf for all my pincushions this will be included with them.  The peace signs are actually tacks and have been added to my design wall.  I received this the day after the package from Scrapnchick arrived so I've been a very happy camper lately. 

Keep on Swapping!


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