Sunday, May 13, 2012

Knitted Beaded Amulet Bags

Sorry for having been gone so long.  My sewing machine broke down and I've been waiting for to find out what was wrong with it.  In the meantime my BFF in Texas sent me her old Bernina.  I haven't tried very hard yet to get to know it.  In the meantime I'm lost without my machine.  Can't even think straight.  LOL

I've gotten caught up on some gardening while out of commission and my BFF Phoenix helped me to start cleaning up the stock room so that I could move my office to share the space.  This room is much bigger and cooler, with large windows facing my back garden.  With the view and the sounds from my fountains it is a very peaceful place.  I would show you pics but in the process of moving everything around my BFF Phoenix was told that his back surgery was upgraded to the following week.  Therefore we never completed the room  Oh well if it was meant to be it would have been finished before he received the call.  

I haven't been idol.  I've had some beaded amulet bags that I've been meaning to finish and some more to complete the knitting.  So while I was sitting in the hospital keeping my BFF Phoenix company I knitted several bags.  Then when his sisters saw what I was doing they asked if I could sell them one.  I ended up selling five.  LOL
Come on over to Flickr to see the rest of the bags I've completed so far.  I've several knitted but still need to do the finishing to make them necklaces.  If the bags aren't on the first page just check out the Crafty Stuff Set to the right.

Knitting is peacefull!!!


  1. Love them, specially the halloween one :).

  2. Oh so cute! It looks like a lot of work :D

  3. So pretty. The green is my favorite.

  4. Hi Marjory: Awe, I feel your pain about the sewing machine. I'm lost without my computer, it gets shipped tomorrow, 2 weeks with out my baby, I don't know how I'll cope, oh, maybe I'll I'm Connie at, a new GFC friend. I would love it if you stop by and be mine, too.


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