Friday, June 29, 2012

Penguin Quilt

Several people have asked where I downloaded the pattern for the penguin block on the internet.  For some reason it no longer comes up when doing a search.  I am therefore posting the ones I made in EQ7 from the free one that I downloaded.  It was never more than a line drawing so you will have to grab a piece of graph paper or draw it in EQ7 as I did.  It really is a basic 9 patch with the use of half square triangles and corner triangles.  Therefore it would be best to design your block making sure that the dimensions are divisible by three.  Mine are for a small quilt so they are 3" finished.
I decided to post the colored versions for clarity in what the block looks like.
The original design split the white into two patches.  I chose to make them one. The corner patches are all from side center to adjoining side center.  Some have two corner patches and one has just one.    The wings are just half square triangles.
This is a variation on the original block.  Split the head patch in half and then the bottom patch should be split in half a second time.  Add corner patches to create the beak to these split patches.

To make it all really clear click on each picture and you will be taken to a private link and surprise.  Don't be afraid if one of them doesn't have a preview download it and the right file pops up.  I'm not sure of the finished sizes on these files but you can ajust that with any printer.  You may have to print the file as is then reduce it.

Happy quilting!!!


  1. You just made me one of the happiest people!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Now I just need to finish all the other animal quilts I have started :) By the time I get through my linen closet will look like a zoo.

  2. Adorable! My oldest son is a huge penguin fan.

  3. These are so cute! I'm participating in a friendship quilt block exchange and one of the ladies loves penguins. I've pinned this and will come back to it in a couple of months. Thanks for the adorable inspiration! :o)

  4. ***Jumping up and down ... squealing with delight!!!***

  5. I stumbled onto this on Pinterest and I could not be happier right now!! You are amazing thank you so much!!

  6. Thank you! My grandson is in love with penguins and spends hours in the Calgary Penguin House of their zoo. Now I will attempt to make him a penguin quilt. I know he will be thrilled.


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