Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chain of Love

Last night was the first time I joined a group of quilters that sew alone together. It is called Friday Night with Friends featured on Gone Stitchin' .  Click on the name to read about this fantastic group that meets this way every month on the first Friday.   Then click on the blog name to see what else Cheryll is up to.  Then click on the list of others that joined this months fun FnwF . You will need to click on each person to see what they worked on last night.  Here is what I worked on last night.  
I am calling it Chain of Love and it will be featured next week as my next free pattern.  So come back and download the free PDF's.  Maybe you will be able to complete it by Valentines Day.  It's really pretty simple to complete.  This is one days work for me.  That's after I choose my fabrics of course.  That actually takes the longest.  LOL  It is only glue basted so it's not really done.  I will applique it today.  I see from some of the comments that some think this is a block.  It's actually a small wall hanging and will measure 24" x 24" when completed and another border is added.  

Part of this design was an accident created by EQ7.  Here is a picture of what I really designed. 
This how you are supposed to design triangles for placement.  I've done it before but this time it kept coming out the way it is in the quilt.  I kept turning it and flipping it and it still wanted to be the way it was.  So I finally left it alone. That was after I checked to make sure the foundation printing section actually would use the quilt and not the block.  It worked and I guess I like it better.  It lets the blue outline the center which makes everything pop.  

Hopefully next week I will also have my Santa and Snowmen quilt tops completed.  I just have a few more stitches of applique on the last snowman and two more blocks to complete on the Santa's.  I also have to make the pines for the snowmen but that I have down to a science and should have them done in an hour or so.  Better get back to work.  I still have to start the next quilt for sharing.  I won't let myself start it until the tops of these others are done.  So maybe by the 15th or so I will start giving away the blocks for that quilt. 

Valentines is almost here!!!


  1. It was fun to sew together and I love your chain of hearts.. the rose is looking good too....

  2. That is a beautiful block and wonderful for Valentines.


  3. Your block is beautiful, I love the fabrics you have chosen too.

  4. What a perfect project for FnwF... and so generous of you to share when done.
    Thanks for coming over too! :)

  5. It looks great! So unique and wonderful. Looking forward to the download.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks so much in advance for sharing soon - this will be PERFECT - my Mom is 93 in the memory care unit of her ALF...I am always looking for 'eye candy' to make for her wall above her bed...this will be a "sweet treat" for Valentines Day! I'm so excited! Just love all you do!

  7. It`s super cute.Love your designs.

  8. Bonjour, just popped over from Cherylls' to wish you a Bonne Annee and to admire your work.

    Lovely usual.

    Fiona x

  9. The pattern is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I'm your newest follower.

  10. So very cute. A big thanks for sharing your pattern.

  11. oh my heart be still...
    I look forward to next week too. I am curious to see the santa quilt finished. A friend and I will be sewing this up at a retreat this summer. It will be fun project for christmas in july.
    Thanks for sharing your projects,
    Henderson NV

  12. is there a photo of what this will look like when it is done? thank you

    1. I'm confused!!! What do you think the above photo is? It's my quilt. M

    2. i thought there were more blocks and i only saw the above photo. thank you!


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