Friday, May 31, 2013

My Swarm of Bees

 The swarm of bees are here!!!  I can't wait to show them all to you.  I'm still writing most of the tutorials so today I will be sharing the pincushion and the needle keeper.  Both are easy to make and a great lot of fun also.  At least I had a lot of fun making them.  I just had to stop and oogle them every time I competed one.

There is a pouch to hold them all, along with a pincushion, a needle keeper, a scissors keeper, and last but not least a thimble keeper.  For those of you that don't hand sew I'll bet that you will come up with a way to transform the swarm into handy items for machine sewing. Here is a picture of the swarm put into the pouch.
I've also completed the mice but will share them with you on another post.  I'm trying to keep them somewhat a secret from my sister.  She has a birthday next month and loves meeses.  I'm hoping to do a bag with paper pieced mice to go along with the muddle of mice.  The thing is I've never given her a birthday present so this like a one time lifetime present.  

I also want to do a bag with bees for myself to go with the swarm.  I've also designed the gang for ladybugs.  What are a bunch of ladybugs called?  Need to come up with something.  Oh well as long as I keep having fun who cares!!!!  

Let's start the tutorials with the pincushion:

 He is about 3 1/2" long finished.  Click on the top view picture to get to the free PDF file.

Now for the needle keeper:
Right below is the needle keeper closed.  Click on it to get to the free PDF file.  To the right of that is the inside with great wool felt I found at my lqs.  It beats the yucky stuff from the craft stores. Below that is a picture showing the pockets on the inside.

I'll be back in a few to give you more PDF's for the rest of the Swarm.

Swarming is fun!!!


  1. That is a really fun piece and I like how you did a set that fits into one bee pouch.


  2. Those are super cute! I've never seen anything like them before.

  3. Oh sew cute! Thank you for the PDFs. A group of ladybugs is called a cluster I believe but you could call them anything you want. A gossip of ladybugs, a confetti of ladybugs, a largesse of ladybugs. I can't wait to see them!

  4. This are so cute! I especially like the little bag.

  5. I love your bees! It's great to see such talented creativity. I like the black thread on the wings the best

  6. Good Afternoon Marjory, Well how cute are these bees, I love them. I am going to download the pdf and make a pincushion for each of my daughters as I know they will be thrilled to receive them.
    Marjory, I have really enjoyed my visit and I have become a new follower. I look forward to getting to know you more.
    I would like to invite you to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! when you have the time.
    Best Wishes to you,

  7. Oh, I just love the bees! I can't wait to make a swarm for myself! Thanks so much.

  8. Oh thank you so much I love bees and bee hives. I have a beehive needlekeeper made of felt and it has a bee filled with crushed walnut shells made from a kit. I have to make these. Thank you again and can't wait for the lady bugs because my granddaughter loves them!!!

  9. Those are so neat! I'm going to have to remember to pick up ink for the printer this week so I can start on my own swarm.

  10. These are so cute! I love the little bees :) So very cute! Krista @ A Handful of Everything


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