Sunday, October 20, 2013

FLiRtS swap completed, sent and received!!!

FLiRtS is a swap group on Flickr.  The initials stand for Fab Little Random Treasure Swap.  This is a very unique swap as you get to choose the level you want to work Simple, Medium, and Fancy.  Then choose five items from a list. You don't know who your partner is and you don't know which item your partner will decide to make for you.  Your partner will probably post pictures to tease you as they work. I only posted this:
I was afraid if I posted more my partner would know what it was and who it was for.  She did tell me when she saw this picture she was suspicious.  She also admitted that I am her partner also which they don't usually do.  But when I saw this picture she posted I thought it might be her:
It's the start of a fabric clock and I can't wait to see the final.  I'll post it here when I finally receive it.  It should be sometime next week as it's already in the mail.

Back to what I sent.  The major item was a sewing machine cover made with the pattern "The street where I live".  I adapted it to include trees so that the design goes completely around the sewing machine.  She had furnished the dimensions of her sewing machine.
For extras I made a small pouch with a flower design and a sugar skull pincushion.  I am sharing the pattern of the sugar skull with my readers.  It is a really fun and easy pincushion to make.  You can see that I had to make one for myself as usual.
If you want to download the free pattern just click on the picture of the sugar skulls and it will take you to the PDF.  I will share the flower pouch a little later.

Sugar skulls are fun!!!


  1. Wow! Fabulous machine cover, so detailed. Your work is wonderful x

  2. That sounds like a brilliant swap! Your machine cover is wonderful and all the other makes are lovely too :)

  3. Wow! Absolutely beautiful work! The skulls are awesome!

  4. What a lovely way to brighten up a sewing machine cover - much better than the dull plastic covers they usually come with.

  5. WOW! that's adorable :)

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