Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Potholder Pass Round 7

This also came yesterday.  It was like Christmas or my birthday yesterday and I am elated!!!.   Jazzed, jazzed, jazzed.  See why I do these swaps.  It keeps me active in my favorite field of study and I get great stuff from strangers.  It's a gas!!!  Or as the younger say "It's the bomb". Anyway they asked what colors I had in my kitchen so my secret partner could craft potholders to match.  It's a fun way to keep busy and you get a set of much needed potholders to boot.   Of course my kitchen is done in pink and green.  Are there other colors???  he he he  So here are the potholders I received from jennspen from Alabama. Thank you Jennifer, they are the best!!!

 Aren't they fun????   I love them!!!  Too pretty to use.  But I cook and create recipes often so they will get good use.  I should share some of my recipes with my readers.  But today I need to finish another swap. 

1 comment:

  1. Those are so nice! Pink and green you can't go wrong!!



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