Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scrappy Mug Rug Swap finished!!!!

I can finally post what I did for my partner, Rydersmama, in the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap.  It is finally received and much loved.  When I first entered this swap I wanted to know what kind of critter my partner would like most.  So I created a discussion thread in the group asking what kind of critters everyone liked.  My partner said "sloths".  Can you believe that?  Sloths?  What exactly is a sloth, I thought.  So after some research I found a few pictures that could be converted to quilting.  Especially since I wanted to try my hand at using crayons to paint the quilt.  My mug rug is only about 8 x 10" so crayons seemed like a good method.  If it didn't work out I would just try something else.  Here is the results:
Just in case she didn't like this side, I made it double sided.  Here is the other side.
I needed to use fabric that would match the other side for the binding.  These are all off the shelf, as they say. 

I have also received the mug rug from my partner, Handmaderetro aka Kristy, from Austraila.  Can you beleave that, all the way from Austraila.  She sent me two, count them two and three generous pieces of fabric. 

Aren't they gorgeous!!!  I am one lucky girl.  

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