Sunday, December 18, 2011

Green Tamale Day

My great friends, the Rudolfo's, are of Mexican heritage and every year they get together as a family and make red tamales. I am always included in this process. We make them a week or two from Christmas and then they are served on Christmas. This is an all day process but lots of fun. We did these last week and I forgot my camera.

Then they informed me that they were going to do green chili tamales. We did this today and I was smart enough to bring my camera. This was the first time for most of us to make green tamales so we imported more family members that were more knowledgeable. Actually it was much easier then the red tamales. Red tamales include meat, either pork, beef or both which is usually cooked the day before. Both are made using masa but is prepared differently. Red has the red chili sauce added to the masa and the green have creamed corn added. Actually the green are vegetarian and delicious. To keep this post from being over burdened with photos I made a mosaic of 16 of the photos I took that tells the whole story.
This mosaic takes you from preparing the masa to cooking and aftermath of eating tamales.  After making tamales it is traditional to cook a batch and have a feast.  Which was carried out on each of the tamale days.  Now on Christmas we will have both green and red tamales.  

What a great feast!!

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  1. Oh, that brings back memories of days with my roommate's family, and later my roommate and my husband cooking red and green and dessert tamales. Yum. I haven't yet found a great tamale in Knoxville.


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