Monday, November 4, 2013

Snowy Noel Blk 4 Snowy Lantern with Toy Car

Snowy is back!!!  This time with a old time lantern and a wooden toy car.  Don't you just love the old toys?  They have such great character.  By my standard's today's world is too square.  I much prefer curved edges like the cars used to be. For the free PDF file just click on the picture and poof you will be at the downloading page.  From there either print the pattern or save the file to your hard drive.  I usually save PDF files because paper can be lost and can clutter up the place.  If it's on my hard drive I can print it when I need it and then only the pages I need for the pattern.  Don't forget that the pattern needs to be increased by 159% to make it full size for this quilt.

This is block 4 out of 9.  There are two features worth noting.  First the glass on the lantern is a broken line.  I did it with a full line at first and it looked funny.  So I tried it this way and liked it better. I know it this picture the glass looks blue but it is periwinkle because it is a shadow.

The second feature is that the windows on the car are done with reverse applique so that the cat and lantern can be seen through them.   For those that ask, "What is reverse applique?".  Mostly it is when you turn under the background and sew it to the applique. ie: If you sew a circle onto the background that is regular applique. If you sew the background in a circle onto the circle fabric that is reverse applique.  In this case it is reverse applique because I didn't sew on a circle of fabric but chose to turn under the window and let the background show through. This makes the circle have inside curves which are easier to sew and much smoother than a circle sew with outside curves.  I much prefer to sew circles and hearts in this manner. I hope this explanation is clearer than mud.

On the home front I am trying to complete my last swap for the year.  It is for Santa Sack Swap being sponsored by  Cheryl at Gone Stitchin'.  She is such a sport because even though she is in Australia she includes us over here in the USA.  She does a great job of coordinating this swap.  The sign up's start in June and the swap lasts from July until December.  It is a direct swap in that two people send to each other in stead of the round robin style of swap.  During the 6 months of the swap you have to make or buy six gifts for your partner.  One of the items has to be made and has to be themed for Christmas.  You have to include a Christmas stocking or tote to hold all the items.  I'm down to my last 2 gifts and I know what I'll be making.

This afternoon I will be machine quilting on the tote I've made for my partner and completing another item.  Can't say more as my partner has my blog address and don't want to let the cat out of the bag.  I love surprises and I love to give surprises.  Best part of  Christmas. Well back to quilting.

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.


  1. Can hardly wait to start this one the children at the nursing home will just love it.


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