Monday, November 18, 2013

Snowy is back with a bouquet of flowers!!!

What is Christmas without poinsettias?  I just had to create this block just to add these lovely Christmas flowers.  They remind me of my mother, she loved them. So I bring you the fifth block in this series: "Snowy Poinsettias".  There are no special directions for this block.  I will add the flower centers after the quilt is quilted.  I will either put in beads or do some embroidery.  We'll see.  Just click the picture and it will take you to the PDF.  Don't forget that you need to enlarge this pattern by 159%  to make it full size.

I will be flying from Arizona to Tennessee on Sunday.  Every year my son who lives in Memphis sends me tickets to fly to him.  We will be having Thanksgiving with his wife's family in the traditional southern way.  Very different from my family's mid-western traditions but very fun and tasty just the same.  

The last two times I've been there for Thanksgiving they have had smoked turkey.  Since my son is hosting this years gathering I think he will go back to his way.  Which is to deep fry the turkey.  If you've ever had this you know how great and juicy the turkey turns out.   Can't wait!!!!

I have finished all my swaps for this year!!!  Yeah!!!!!  The last one is supposed to be in the mail on November 30th but I won't be home until that night.  So I asked for a little leeway and it was granted.  I can either mail on this Friday or the Monday after I get back.  We'll see which is more convenient.  I still have to get my clothes in order.

This job of packing has taken a left turn.  My dryer no longer dries the clothes.  It spins but no heat or air flow.  Ugh!!!  I'll have to save my pennies.  In the meantime I have to wash here and take the wet clothes to the laundry mat.  I think I will purchase a retracting clothes line to see me through until I can purchase a new dryer or have this one fixed.  It's never been served and I've owned it since September of 1992.  It's had 3 moves from house to house since that purchase.
It's worked great up until this last week. Whine, whine.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the seamstress that will make my formal dress for my friend Maria's son's wedding.  I will be a godmother, one of like 15.  This is a big Mexican wedding and they have godparents that contribute money to help support the costs.  My other half will be my friend Johnny's brother who is the groom's step-uncle.  To my surprise one of Maria's daughters has given me the birthday present of paying for this dress.  She always honors my birthday.  She says I'm her white aunt but then again Maria and Johnny tell every one I'm their white sister. 

If possible I will be posting from Memphis with a new block. I will have my netbook with me but I need to do some cooking for Thanksgiving.  My son has asked that I make our traditional onion bread.  He's asked every year but never tells me before I leave so I can have my recipes with me.  I will take pictures and share while there, I hope.  

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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  1. Marjory, Thank you so much for these blocks! I hope you have a fantastic visit with your son and his family in Memphis, (I live just outside of Nashville!). And of course,have a great Thanksgiving with them all.It sounds like the food will be delicious!!


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