Monday, December 2, 2013

Snowy Loves Christmas!!!!!

Snowy is back with Blk 6, " Snowy Wreath with Toy Train" in the Snowy Noel pattern give away!!!  I really wanted to post this from Memphis but the stupid Google wouldn't let me into my accounts.  They asked me stupid questions like "what month and year did you start an account with google.  What's with that?  Do you remember that?  How about years and years.  lol  Oh well it is what it is.

The only special is the reverse applique to the train windows and the large bow on the wreath.  Remember that the pattern needs to be enlarges 159% to bring it back to the 12" x 16" format.

I had a great time in Memphis with my son and his family.  He dropped two turkeys and there was hardly any left overs.  He worked on those turkeys for almost a week.  First to thaw, then came a dry brine.  After the dry brine was washed off he did an injected marinade.  Then Thanksgiving he put a dry rub on the skin before dropping them into the hot oil.  Were they ever good.  Juicy and flavorfull. I made his favorite Onion Lovers Twist by Pillsbury except I changed the flour to half whole wheat and half white flour.  My son is trying to eat without white flour.  Unfortunately this recipe was tried a few years ago 100% whole wheat and it was too dry to braid.

I'll be back by the end of this week with another block.  I hope all of you from the USA had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!


  1. I'm having problems getting this block to load, anyone else? or is it just me?..

  2. OOps,...nevermind,third try was the charm! My computer was just messing with me to keep me on my toes,I guess! TeeHee!...Beautiful blocks,thank you so much for sharing them with us!!!


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