Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snowy Block 7 "Snowy Santa's Hat with Mouse

Snowy Noel is counting down to the finish!!!  Here is block 7 "Snowy Santa's Hat"  with two more blocks to come.  I really need to get busy as I haven't kept up with my applique as we went along this time.  I will give you the setting but it won't be tested.  There are no special instructions for block 7.

I've been busy putting up my Christmas tree and decorating for Christmas.  I ended up with two very small trees.  I love live trees but money is always short in this house so I decided to buy a 4' fake tree with lights.  Everyone was having a sale this last week so I ended up only spending $25.00.  A live tree would have been at least that much.  Then I brought out the fake baby tree that was given to me last year for Christmas.  It's about 3' and flat on the back.  No problem there I just put it in my short hallway in a corner.  I really had fun decorating these trees.

The larger on has only angels on it and the smaller one has mostly Santa's with a few snowmen.  I still have enough decorations to decorate my potted pine if I so chose.  I just need some where to put it.  I may still do it, who knows.

 Here is the Angel tree.  It's facing north so it's hard to get a good picture.  That room is always dark this time of year.  Below is the Santa Tree.  The elves are

Have fun decorating for the Holidays!!!

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  1. Wonderfully fun.

    Your block looks like my kitty, Coco.


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