Monday, December 16, 2013

Snowy Loves Antique Toys!!!! Blk 8 is here!

Only one more pattern to reveal after this one.  This is blk 8 "Snowy Toys".   There aren't any special directions for this block.  Just remember  increase the size by 159% to make the PDF pattern the right size to fit a 12"x16" background.  Now that's the finished size.  So cut your background a 12 1/2" x 16 1/2".  

I've been busy here. I've taken apart my studio and refurbished it.  I had a friend remake a 6' banquet table into a 4' recessed sewing table.  Here is the old table that was due to be trashed because the top was coming apart.  I wouldn't let anyone throw it out.  I've always tried to reuse things other people would throw out.  So I've been going green long before the craze for going green started.   It was just that the legs were perfectly good.  I originally planed on just adding a new top out of plywood and painting it.  Then I had an idea of building my own recessed sewing table.

I did some research on how to take a kitchen table and remake it into a recessed sewing table.  I didn't have an old kitchen table but felt I could pick one up at a yard sale.  Alas all the yard sales were selling the tables with the chairs and for more that I wanted to pay.  Then I remembered that old banquet table that needed to be rebuilt.  I took all my research over to my BFF male friend and had a builder to builder talk with him. 

I showed him my research and everything I liked and disliked about each rebuilt tables.  Then I asked him if he could take the 6' banquet table and rebuild it into a 4' table.  He told me it would be a snap because those old tables come apart easily and he would only have to shorten the side rails.  So that's what he did. 
Then he cut a hole that would fit my sewing machine with the slide on free arm table that comes with the machine.  He then added a lower shelf to hold the sewing machine.  He chose to make shelf the whole width of the table for strength. 
The trouble with that is that it doesn't allow access to the bobbin case.  I told him I would work with it that way and see how it works out.  Well it didn't so I've since turned the table over and cut a 3" recess it that bottom shelf.  I can now use the table and access the bobbin easily.  I'm very happy with my green recessed sewing table.  The cost you ask.  Just $50 for everything .  My friend did the work because he's my friend.  Here is a picture of the table after applying the finish but before I cut the extra 3" off the front of the shelf.  Isn't it pretty.

This was built over the 3rd week in October for my birthday present to and from me.  LOL  But this last week as I was redoing my studio I decided to build that shelf I've been wanting to hold more of my growing pincushion collection.  I've always loved doll making but dolls are too big and take too much room, so I've converted that need to make dolls to pincushions and am really enjoying it.

I decided that this shelf needed to be designed after a shelf I already owned.  I just needed to make it slightly bigger.  I did my math, redid my math and redid my math a third time. Then I called my BFF male friend and asked him to meet me at Home Depot.  When he got there he just asked me what we were doing now.  I told him I was building a shelf and handed him my measurements and wood requirements.  He didn't even go over my measurements.  We have worked together so much that he just went with my figures.  He's better at judging wood so that's why I had him come. 

We choose the wood and had the guy at Home Depot cut it to my specs.  Note to all you would be builders of shelves:  The width of the boards is always off by at least 1/4".  If it says 6" it is usually 5 3/4". I took one look at the 6" and said, "That's not 6 inches".  My friend reminded me that it's never 6".  I told him it wasn't 6 3/4" either.  He went and got a measure tape and sure enough it was only 6 1/2"  I was going to make my shelf with 4" boards for the shelves and 6" boards for the top and bottom.  The 3 1/2" boards just weren't big enough.  I would either have to spilt the boards or resize my shelf.  Which is what we did.  Now it's even bigger than I wanted.  My BFF told me what size screws to use and anything I was forgetting.  Now it was time to go home and build.

I won't bore you with all the details. I just need to say my BFF didn't help except on that shopping trip.  Here it is already on the wall. 

If I was making it again I would make it slightly shorter and make the shelves 6" apart and not the 7 1/2" that they are.    But now my studio has my ironing table recovered, the recessed sewing table fixed to use he bobbin case, my cutting table lowered and a new shelf for my pincushions with room to grow. 

Woodwork builds character!!!


  1. Love your refurbished sewing table. I need to try this. But I want the Hole for the machine on a different angle. I want to sit down to a short arm quilter, the machine would have to face me on a short side. Now to go find an old table that needs saving.

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