Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Visiting Colorado

 I have not been posting lately.  Everything is fine for those of you that were kind enough to send me messages asking after me.  I'm still having trouble with allergy's but am trying to keep busy.  The real reason you haven't heard from me is that I'm working on older quilt projects and I'm making progress but not finishing anything yet.

In the middle of all this I spent last weekend flying to my DSD's for a mini family reunion.  We were meeting a granddaughter/niece that we had never met.  So we spent the weekend teaching her how to sew.  What better way to get to know someone then to sew with them.

As a surprise to my DSD, I made her a quilt of her dog and his favorite toy.  He's so cute dragging along that 6' blue snake that I couldn't resist creating a quilt in his honor.  So here it is, "Charlie and His Snake, Blue.   Below is the small quilt in it's new home in DSD's entryway.
Here is a picture of Charlie with his blanky and his snake,  two of his most favorite things.  
 We also went through DSD's colletion of her quilts and some of mine.  Here is a clown I made for her oldest son as a baby.  Back then I stole pictures from coloring books.  I think that's where I took this cute clown.  I had fun making this I remember.

 Here is another small quilt I made for DSD's oldest daughter.  DSD wanted me to make the quilt feminine but also showing a girl in sports.  She never played baseball but she did play rugby.  She was just a baby when this was made so we didn't know what she would play.

I've also been trying to get my quilt records up to date by photographing all my quilts that haven't been photographed or at least not in digital.  I've created a file on my computer with pictures and history for each and every quilt.  Once I have it current it will be easy to keep it current.

I've also been trying to write my history.  I was explaining to my Landlady how I used to lecture and all the stories I told about my quilts, quilted clothing and cloth dolls in my journey's.  She said, "I hope you have it all written down so it's not lost."  That started me thinking that she is right, so I've split my time between writing my history, finishing unfinished projects and documenting all my quilts.  Pretty boring to write here about but I'll try to do better.  The part I'm behind on is good pictures of my clothing.  I can't wear it and photograph it at the same time.  Some of it doesn't fit anymore either.  I'll have to get someone that can model or take photo's.

Keeping up the history can be fun!!!


  1. Allergies can really beat you up I know. That quilt of the dog and his toy is adorable.

  2. Oh my gosh, your quilts are adorable. Love the doggy and snake quilt, and the baseball quilt for little girls us just too cute.

  3. That is the absolute cutest dog! Great wallhanging.

  4. What beautiful quilts, I love the dog and his toy, it's very cute.


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