Monday, June 23, 2014

What's on Your Design Wall?

Here are a few of my unfinished projects that I have ear marked for finishing soon.  So far I'm not doing so bad.  I've finished the machine applique on the flamingo's and the ladies.  Hand applique is almost finished on the frogs.  I'm about to finish the machine applique on the three Halloween quilts today.

I will then be moving onto a few borders for everything but the ladies.  They are ready for squaring up and sandwiching.  Let's see how long this takes me.

You may recognize a few of these mini quilts.  They are duplicates of mini's I designed for swaps in the last two years.  I like to try to make myself a copy.  I guess it's hard to give away without keeping something.  Do you all have that problem.  I just have that problem with the mini's.  I just have to have my own copy.

Let's talk about naming quilts for a minute.  Words are the hardest part for me.  I almost always have trouble naming my quilts.  The frogs, flamigos and the witch have names but the other three don't.  If anyone has any great ideas for the three just leave a message and who knows maybe I'll choose your naming, or maybe it will help me to think up a name.  I could use any help you can give.

I will be linking to Design Wall 6/23/2014 @  Patchwork times.

Nameless quilts are a bore!!!


  1. You are not the only one who wants a copy of a small quilt. I have done it with block swaps! The ones that are exceptionally pretty or have some meaning to me I make a second for me.
    I'm no good at naming. My husband has named the last four of my quilts! With names like Jacques Cousteau's Under Sea Adventure, Charming Hobos, The 70s Are Calling, They Want Their Fabric Back you can see why he's my guy! Good luck on the naming. BTW what are the names you picked out for 3 of the quilts.

  2. Quilting Nonnie here's the names. frogs=Love on the Pond; flamingos=Spooning on the Beach; witch=Take That, My Pretty

  3. The quilts look great but I'm no genius at naming things. Maybe I'll sit down with a spelling dictionary sometime and open to random pages and point! I might get some interesting names that way!

  4. Web of dreams - when I grow up I want to be just like you.

    Guess I waited to long to kiss the handsome prince.

    Hold onto your hats ladies, we are going for a spin. Based on spinning wheels block and hat design.


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