Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Bitty Block Committe for May

This is a group of ladies on Flickr that get together every month and exchange 3.5" unfinished blocks.  The subjects have been pre deteermined.  You don't have to participate every month, you sign up as you go.  Each subject is split into groups of 12, that means you have to make 12 blocks, one for each, including yourself.  I don't know about you but 3.5" is might small.  My BFF in Texas asked me to sign up because she really wanted to do this.  Ughhh!  It's not doing 12 blocks.  I don't do mini's very well.  They scare me! 

Well this month's subjects were "May showers bring April flowers" or "60's retro".  Guess which one I picked.  You guessed it the flower one.  I lived through the 60's and didn't need to relive it.  They are doing a great job on those blocks.  Well I had several other swaps to get done as you can see on this blog.  Today I started the Bitties and they are do to be mailed on the 31st.  Ughh!! again.  I had already had a few ideas and that's good because I didn't sign up for one set of 12 but two.  Yes, peeps, that means making 24 bitty blocks.  Ughh!  Here they are:

That's a puddle under the pot and boot not a rug as suggested in the group.  If you want to see what everyone else is doing click on this link.  Beware of the strange aliens and the Zanny fairy tales.

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