Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap Finished!!!!

Whoo Hooo!! Another one bit the dust!  I've finished my pouch for this swap.  Here's the start, some gathered roses. A technique I came up with while doing quilted clothing.
They are a little rough yet.  They won't be finished until the pouch is completely assembled.

The pouch with zipper and lining.  I still have to sew up the darts.  This is a very simular shape as my Blooming Purse.  In fact I think I will make a larger one for me as a purse.  This Blooming Pouch is about 6" x 8".  We were restricted in size up to 12" but I wanted to make something smaller.  The roses are 1 1/2" so 6" was perfect.

TaDa!! The finished pouch, with added fob on the zipper.  The back is solid fabric, I used the same fabric as the bottom fabric here.

Here is a close-up of the finished gathered roses.  The beads are used to tack the roses in place so they won't loose there shape.  I have posted a picture the finshed pouch on Flickr so my secret partner can see it.   I will get it in the mail to her sometime this week.  Then we just have to wait to see how she likes it.  Worry, worry, worry. 


  1. Awesome!! love your gathered roses!

  2. I really like this CUTE bag.

  3. Your fabric is beautiful especially the blue one on the bottom.



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