Friday, July 22, 2011

E-Book Pouch

At my bank you can earn points for using your credit card.  I have collected them for years and only turned them in once.  They have been building for years now.  I went on there a few weeks ago and found that I could turn them in for a gift card at Amazon.  One of my favorite places.  I had enough points for 2 $100.00 cards.  Whoo hoooo!!!!  Time to spend for something I couldn't afford for myself.  I didn't have long to decide.  I knew that I would love to own a Kindle E-Book.  I love to read and I have a hard time selling back my books.  What better present to give myself but a book that hold 3500 books. 

Now that I own it I won't let myself use it without protection.  It is really a mini computer screen, so can scratch easily.  This is a problem for me because I mainly read in bed.  You can purchase a leather cover.  What fun is that when I could design and make my own.

Here is the final cover/pouch.
And here it is closed.
Now I can read to my hearts content.  Older books are available free on Amazon. If only I could get my inventory of books on it.  Maybe someday.

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