Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Mug Rug Received!!

Yesterday I received a package from my secret mug rug partner.  It was like having Christmas and my birthday at the same time.  Before I show you what I received let me tell you about a conversation I had with my BFF in Texas.  I was complaining to her that I kept telling my secret partners that I loved frogs but yet had to receive a frog quilt.  She suggested that I was being to subtle.  Part of each swap is to create a mosaic of favorite mug rugs we have seen on Flickr.  Here is the mosaic I created to post on this group.  Do you think this makes my point?  LOL  I had also posted several pictures of my frog collection the week before.  Check it out here.
Click the picture and it will take you to my Flickr photo stream and you will be able to click on the sites for each quilt.

Here is what I received from my partner, AlwaysSewLove.
Isn't it cute.  A rectangle log cabin with a frog in the center.  Not what I  was really looking for but it is a frog and she did a great job.  But wait this is the back, lets turn it over!
Isn't this the best Mug Rug you've ever seen!  The grasses in the back is a melted crayon technique that she found on this blog: http://www.suzyssitcom.com/2011/04/feature-friday-making-batik-fabric-with.html She also told me that this blog is going to feature this mug rug some time soon.

Click on the picture and you can see the details.  Look at those eyelashes.  Then there is a small water lily peeking out from under a lily pad.  Not to mention the dragonfly.  Is that lunch?  She has such attitude.  Now I need to tell you that AlwaysSewLove states that she has only been quilting for a year and is a beginner.  I told her she may be new to quilting but is not a beginner.  This is very creative and well done!  I love it. Wait there is more!
Look what else she gave me.  Earrings she felt looked like frogs.  Werther's Original one of my favorite candies.  See that flower quilt, it's not a quilt but a book and book cover to start my own Haiku Journal.  I had already started one and was really glad that she made this cover to fit a composition notebook, which is what I used.  I just slipped out her book and inserted mine.  I will use her book after mine is full.  Do you think that will happen?  Haiku's are addicting.  But what an addiction!  Oh, I almost forgot her Haiku.  I was so excited over what I received that I over looked it at first.  She had to tell me where to look for it.  LOL  She made a special card for me.  Here it is:
Oh well, maybe the dragon fly is for dessert.  Here's the Haiku I wrote after receiving this lovely package. 
                                          Mug rug swap received
                                          From partner AlwaysSewLove
                                          Frogs, surprises and gifts

Sewing, Sharing, Swapping the three "S's".    Marjory

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  1. Marjory,
    I am just so pleased
    That you liked the frog mug rug
    It was made with love!

    I couldn't resist. Thanks for your sweet post!



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