Saturday, July 6, 2013

FriDay Night With FrienDS for July

This month I joined with a world wide group of friends, FriDay Night With FrienDS,  to sew together alone.  We all spent Friday sewing and then share our results.  We go blog hopping to each others blogs to see what everyone else has done.

I started early on Thursday cutting out my fabrics so that I could really sew on Friday.  Here is how I started:

Sewing together the first two sections on the cream colorway.  After they were sewn and pressed.  I lined up all the cream sections to be sewn.  Can you tell yet what I am making?  Not telling yet.

Here are the next sections ready to be sewn.  Now you maybe tell what I'm doing for blocks.

Above are all the cream blocks finished.  Now you can tell it's houses, tiny little houses.  But two more color ways to be sewn.  Bet you can't tell what the finished layout will be or can you?

Red and Blue colorways ready to be sewn.  Below all the blocks completed and
laid out in final rows waiting for sewing.  Now you tell it's a flag!!!!  Happy 4th of July all you United States Americans.  I've always wanted to do a house flag.
I have some great fabric for some borders so stay tuned to see the finished top.
I want to thank Cheryll at Gone Stitchin' for hosting this great monthly party, FriDay Night With FrienDS .

Keep sewing with friends,


  1. I LoVe all those little houses...such a fun project to work on at FNWF! Thanks for your company! :)

  2. Wow, these little cottages are so sweet, and your sewing is wonderful, well done.
    Visiting from the FNWF linky x

  3. What a great project - fiddly but so worth ot!

  4. oooooh lovely Marjory......I love the surprise at the end! how wonderful!
    xox sugary hugs
    wendy :O)


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