Monday, July 1, 2013

Muddle of Mice Has Been Received!!!!

The Muddle has been received!!!!  My Sis loves them!!! She thinks I went overboard, you have to remember that I've never given her a birthday gift before. I told her it just kept growing. That I had a light bulb idea and had to make them.  That I hadn't needed to buy anything except zippers.  Shh, that's a lie, I had to buy interfacing as I ran out.  You see our mom taught us that if you already own It then anything you make with It is free!!  No matter what "It" is.  So I paid maybe $3.00 for all this.

I will be sharing the patterns in the near future.  I still have to write them and the one for the Bee zipper pouch.  I'll try to get that out this week.  Maybe I''ll write it tonight while I watch my shows.  

I ended up being a few days late for Sis's birthday as I just couldn't send off the Muddle without a tote to match.  I told you it just kept growing.  Here is the tote, it's the same pattern as my ZigZag tote, offered here as a free PDF.  I won't be sharing these patterns because they are either just everyday patterns or a private pattern I found on the internet.  I did modify the mouse but not by much and I can't remember where I found it.  I just did another search and it's gone now.  So we may never know it's author.  The slash blocks where supposed to be a zigzag but I didn't make the block right.  It's not square to I should have done equal numbers for both length wise and height.  I made them all the same so they couldn't be turned.  Oh well,  accidents are sometimes a great design element.  Everyone does zigzag and not to many do slashes.  LOL  Basically you just need to make a mini quilt the right size for the tote and make a tote.

Keep Muddling on!!!


  1. Your mice are so cute! And I love the tote! :0)

  2. I am in love with your cute mice! The tote is so lovely...thank you for being so generous with your patterns...

  3. Love this WISH
    I'd been your sister! can't wait for pattern

  4. Lovely works going on your way.
    Love the mice, how cute.
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. Adorable mice! I can't wait for the pattern--thank you so much for being so generous. The tote is lovely and the mice are so cute:)


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