Monday, July 15, 2013

The Swarming Bees are done!!!!

I just now completed the tutorial/pattern for "The Swarm Bee Pouch".  Aren't you proud of me.  Writing directions just isn't a favorite part of sharing my designs.  LOL  Just click on the above picture and it will take you to the free PDF.  Note it all.  I'm giving you the size I made but I feel that it should be a touch bigger.  The other part of the kit just fit, but there is no room for thread or any extras.  I think I would have made it at least a inch bigger if not more.

I've been keeping busy with things like the house flag quilt of which I will share more later.  I've taken a small job of programs for my small quilt Chapter and the flag will be one of the things I hope to teach them next year.  Programs just involves having a quilt project to teach every month.  I don't have to do them all but a few.  The house flag is something I've wanted to do for years.  Actually there used to be a pattern like 30 years ago.  It's not like mine but it's the one that gave me the idea.

I've also set up a second machine and station for learning how to machine quilt.  I've been quilting since the 70's but don't machine quilt.  I've cut 28 sandwiches and am told that if I practice 10-15 minutes a day that I should be fairly good before 30 days.  I've been told this by two old friends that both know my skills and are both very good at machine quilting.  We'll see!  As most things that I want too much, it scares me.  I've yet to sit down and quilt.  I have promised myself that I will do it starting tomorrow.  I set up the extra station today so no more excuses.

I've also started making the templates for the Christmas Applique Quilt that I've promised to share with every one.  It is is the same vein as my Spooky Halloween quilt with a white cat instead of a black cat.  Here is a tease:
Things may change if the color layout doesn't work.  Facts of life, not all designs work out colorwise. As I said I've just started cutting the templates.  I have three done so far and will do more tonight.  I do them at night because that's the best time to use a light box.  I also gives me something to do while watching my favorite tv shows.  I hope to start sharing the patterns by the end of this month and have the quilt done in time for Christmas!!!  That would be 2 blocks a month.  I think I can handle that!!!!

Christmas is coming!!


  1. I can just picture you with one eye on your favourite tv shows whilst using the other on your light box - it really made me smile - I need that lately.
    Your devotion to your patterns created for public enjoyment is obviously appreciated very much :-)

  2. Hello Marjory

    You are just the sweetest most generous person sharing your beautiful patterns with us. Thank you so much. I love Christmas and I love Cats! Combined, they are just wonderful.

  3. Oh those bees are adorable! Thanks for being so generous with the pattern !

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  5. looks like Christmas should be alot of FUN. THANKS

  6. OMG! Just found this bee tutorial and I adore it! You have so much patience to create the tutorial and are so generous to share it with us!


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