Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blooming Bag Continues

I have spent the morning trying to come up with a name for my new purse. Just to name it the simple name of Blooming Bag. Was it frustration that made me choose this name? Yes, yes, yes!!!! I’m not very good with naming my work. Well, back to the bag.

I don’t know about you but I hate shopping. It means I have to get dressed in better clothes and drive to the store. Ugh!!! I needed a metal zipper for the hidden pocket on this bag/purse. I have several used zippers I have gotten from my mom, all too long. So I went online and found this site here that had a tutorial of how to shorten a zipper. It took only minutes to shorten the zipper from 18” to 7”. I will save the extra zipper pieces for another project. I’m going green.


I wanted to inset the zipper into the back of the bag. I’ve done it before but too long ago to remember how. Back to the internet I go and found this site here. This procedure is also very easy but I just needed to see the tutorial to remind of how it is done. The second picture is of the finish pocket from the wrongside of the bag back. I added a pleat into the bottom of the pocket to help with volume. This pocket will be hidden between the purse and the lining.


This is the picture of the pocket I attached to the lining of the bag/purse. It can easily hold a pen and small notebook. I also attached a pocket on the other lining the same size and not divided.
The next picture is of possible placement of the flowers I made for the front of the bag/purse. This won’t be done until the bag/purse is completely sewn together.

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