Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sewing Room/Studio

I have joined another swap. Bad Girl, Bad Girl!!! These swaps keep me honest. They help to keep me motivated and working everyday. This swap is Sewn Places Swap and we have secret partners we are supposed to make a sewing machine cover for. They have given us our partners likes and dislikes but they have also asked that we take pictures of our sewing room and post a link to them. This should be very fun. So here we go, I’ll explain what you are seeing as I go along.
South Wall: This is my cutting table. It adjusts to any height and can even be on a slant for a drawing board. This table can also be made smaller. It has 3 sizes, this is the full size. I have yet to put anything on this wall. Well, I’ve only been here since last September. Still settling in. Notice the rolling drawers. I have them everywhere so my supplies are always within reaching distance. I have them in my computer room too.

West Wall: My design wall is behind the door. LOL It’s pretty large though. This is the start of the Rudolfo quilt. I need to get back to that. Notice you can see the edge of the ironing board and the cutting table. This room is about 12x10 and I came from a room that was 20x20. Most of my stuff is stored in another room. My computer is now across the house in another room. Couldn’t be helped. This is a small house built in 1952 which has several added on rooms. Lots of rooms but all of them are small.

Northwest Corner: This is the best shot I could get of my ironing board. Everyone asks if I made it. Well…. I remade it. I purchased one of those big boards that goes on an existing ironing board. This big board is made of pine and the ironing boards are aluminum and very light. It was always tipping over with the my rowenta on it. Ugh!!! I hate regular ironing boards. So I had a small portable metal table that needed cosmetic surgery and this ironing board that needed new legs. I dismantled the parts off the wooden board that I didn’t need, recovered it and bolted it to the table. Now it’s short but so am I. It sits right next to my sewing machine and that is very handy.

North Wall & Northeast Corner: Here is my sewing area with my antique oak chair. I inherited this chair from my step-father, he had it in his shop in the garage. I love oak furniture so I nabbed it. The sewing table is really an old computer table the has a fold down section for the keyboard. This is where I place my machine. The machine tilted using door stops.

East wall and Hall Way: This is my Rolling Pegboard. I got the directions for a triangular pegboard off the web. But I wanted to have it roll. So I talked it over with my friend and neighbor. I told him what I wanted to do and asked him if my plans would work. He gave me the go ahead so here it is. My Rolling Pegboard. All three sides are stuffed with stuff hanging.

Hallway: This on the east wall and leads to another larger room. It would make a great studio but isn’t heated or air conditioned. Both are necessary here. I am using that room for dying and storage. I added some shelving units I had into this clothes closet and am storing my fabric there. So that’s the whole sewing room/studio.

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  1. What a great way to store your rulers! Where did you find a tutorial to build it?



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