Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blooming Bag work continues......

I have sewn together the front and back of the bag/purse along with the lining. Then I sewed the lining to the purse leaving a gap which to turn with. That was a chore, but doable. Isn’t it a unique shape? The flaps on each side are going to be turned down around a square ring. Then the shoulder strap will also be wrapped around that ring.

Next step is to tackle the problem of the magnetic snaps. They are nice on the side the snap shows but have to be covered over on the other if showing. So….the snap on the front of the purse is ok because the ugly side is inside the purse. I want to put 3D flowers on the front of the bag as shown. A button can’t be sewn over the snap, it’s too big. So I made a 13” tube, interfaced of course. Folded one end so that it was pleasing it to eye. Leaving one fold open, then inserted the snap. Finished folding the strap and topstitched the folds down. I then inserted the other end into the back where I had left the opening for turning. Pinned it in place and topstitched around the entire purse opening. Viola!!!! I now have a nice decorative closure and the snaps are covered up.

I had some angst over the shoulder straps. Should I do as planned and fold over the rings or should I add gromments and tie the strap to the purse. Then where would I attach my phone caddy? Back to the original idea but dropped the idea of a fancy strap. The flowers dress it up enough. Time to stop!! Next the finished purse!!!!

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