Friday, September 19, 2014

HoWlinG HauNteD HoUsE Wall Quilt Continues

Here it is a week later and time for the Candy Corner border.  This border comes in two parts, the border and the corner pieces.  Click Here for the border PDF file and Here for the corners.  Please make sure that your printer is set to 100%.  I noticed that some people had trouble with the pattern being bigger than the paper on the last round.  

You will need four borders and four corners for this round.  If you are using more than one background fabric make sure to do several offsetting triangles with both fabrics.  No rhyme or reason just scatter them to your liking. For a reminder of the whole quilt a picture is below.

If you enjoy pincushions don't forget to go to my tutorial page to see several Halloween pincushions.  All the PDF files are linked there. 

Keep on Howling!!!


  1. Your generosity and creativity overwhelm me. You are so very talented and a good hearte person. Thank you.

  2. I love this wall hanging!! Thank you for giving it to us! Is anyone else having difficulty downloading the border and corner patterns? I keep getting a "too many users have viewed or downloaded" message...

    1. You are the first to say they are having a problem with the download. If this continues just let me know here and I will contact you through email and send the pattern that way.

    2. I just tried to be more patient (not easy!! ) and wait a day or so; I was able to download without a problem, and have been able to download the October "installment."


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