Monday, September 29, 2014

More UFO's finished!!!

I've been really busy finishing up some of these UFO's I've collected over the years.  In the past I was very good on not starting something that I wouldn't finish.  I would have at least three projects at one time.  One in design mode, one in sewing mode and one in quilting mode.  That way if I became bored with one element of a project I could go on to one of the others.

I lost control of this good behavior when my family life became chaos and I'm trying to get it back.  It seemed the simplest way was to finish all those UFO's so I could start from scratch.  Easier said then done, right?

The above mini quilt is my copy of a quilt I made/designed for a swap a few years ago.  I started this one for me but never finished it.  Plus I changed it slightly.  The original (below) is smaller to fit the size requirements of the swap.  It was shipped off to my swap partner, scrapnchick over on Flickr. It also has organza ghosts.  I did't leave them off on purpose but it was for the best because
they need to be added after quilting and mine is so much more intricate.

The square spider web block is something I found on the web.  It has a tutorial here.  The only problem was that it is almost impossible to make an exact size because even the slightest change becomes a drastic change after the slicing and dicing.  It was just easier to make it the size in the tutorial and then frame it to fit my quilt.  The first border is done is sections just to add interest.  The last border is Broken Dishes done with different colorway for the corners, again just for interest.

This is also my copy of a quilt I made for another swap.  The original (below) was sent to quiltnkimmie on Flickr.  It again was smaller than mine.  Both of mine are 24" square to fit my large pillow forms.  There is just not enough wall space in my home.   
 I designed the outside border on EQ7.  I just snap a picture of my applique design and and import it into EQ7 and design around it.  The other difference is that I put a frog in my witches hand instead of a house.  The original was for a fan of Wizard of Oz.  Me, I'm a frog girl all the way.  The name of this quilt is "Take that My Pretty",  the witch likes pink like me so her frog needed to be pink not green.  So she zapped her!!

Last but not least is the block I designed for a Halloween Blog Hop. Here is the original post where you can download the Boo Pattern and learn how to applique organza ghosts.  Yes, this is bigger and the ghosts are different.  Again I wanted to fit a 24" pillow form.  I just added borders until it was the right size.  The orange border is pieced because not enough fabric.  I didn't want a detailed pieced border so I just randomly pieced it.  I almost always added the extra fabric by cutting the original fabric diagonally any angle I feel like.  Then add a strip.

The ghosts where changed because they really needed to be added after the quilting.  So I used a seam ripper very carefully and took the original ghosts off.  Then replace them with full ghosts.  Here's what it looked like before the borders and with the original ghosts.

Three more UFO's down and like 47 more to go.

May your UFO's be few!!!


  1. Of course I love Halloween and these projects are just adorable. I'm so jealous. You actually have been finishing UFO's. I listed them, thinking for sure it would inspire me to work on em, but so far... not! LOL. When your done with your 47, do you want mine! tee hee

  2. Your Halloween quilts are amazing! I love how you tweaked the ones you made for yourself. Your colour choices to change them up are great.

    Thanks for sharing your inspirations.


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