Saturday, September 27, 2014

HoWlinG HauNteD HoUsE Wall Quilt Continues with Bat Wings

Bat Wings is the first block I will be sharing with you for the HoWlinG HauNteD HoUsE Wall quilt.  It is a really simple traditional block.  When designing this quilt I decided to use traditional blocks as much as possible. So I did a  search on the web for blocks using several criteria for my search.  This is what came up with entering Bat Quilt Block.

All the blocks in this wall quilt are 6" finished.  This block can be made without paper piecing it but I have furnished the paper piecing pattern for you.  Just click on the above picture and it will take you to the PDF file for download or printing.  Again I remind you that when printing make sure you printer is on 100% before printing.  You will need 8 blocks of Bat Wings to complete this wall quilt.

I am still working on getting some of my UFO's finished and I've done very well this week.  I have finished 6 UFO's this week.  Let's have a Yahoo!!! for me.  I will be sharing several of this projects with you in the next few weeks.  I just have to formulate how I will be presenting them.  I can tell you they are all Halloween projects.

By the way sorry for being a day late on this post.  Some how I lost a day.  On Thursday I knew it was Thursday but on Friday I thought it was Thursday.  Do you have this problem or am I getting OLD.  Don't answer that, I don't want to know.

Boo to you!!!

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