Friday, October 7, 2011

Have you ever saved anyone?

Wow! You won't believe what happened to me yesterday afternoon. I was loading my car to go to a friend's house. When I do this I am usually slamming doors. The first door I slammed was my house. Then I heard someone calling "Dale, Dale". At least that's what I heard. Then as I was loading the car, no calling. I then slammed the car door. Again I heard "Dale, Dale". I thought it was a neighbor calling their kids. I had forgotten to lock the house, so slam goes that door again. This time I thought I heard "helff, helff". So I opened and closed my car door without getting in to make sure.

Sure enough it was "Help! Help!". I live in a neighborhood with a lot of elderly living alone. Across the street I went. My neighbor directly across from me lives alone. He was prone on the floor right by the front door. Luckily the door was open and I could see him through the screen. He had fallen and broken his knee or broken his knee and fallen. While we were waiting for 911 he told me he had been there for 5 hours waiting for someone to hear him.

This really shook me up!!  Luckily when I arrived at my friend's house I noticed a bowl on the dining table.  It had frogs on it.  Johnny said "Come on in and sit down".  I responded, "I'm ogling this bowl with the frogs".  "Oh, dear!"  he responds, "We were supposed to hide that before you came."  They were saving it for my birthday.  But I needed a pick me up right then so they gave it too me.

It looks to me like it's from before 1945.  It's not marked on the bottom and it has some crazing in the glaze.  They bought it for a $1.00.

Well keep on keeping on


  1. Oh my. You had quite a day. I'm glad you heard your neighbor. He must have been terrified.

    The frog bowl reminds me of a t-shirt I saw once.....Why frogs don't go fly fishing. Imagine them all reaching for a fly at the same time and getting their tongues tangled together.

  2. Thank goodness you heard your neighbor! 5 hours. And I'm sure there was pain. How disheartened he would have been if you hadn't heard him. Love the frog thing.


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