Sunday, October 23, 2011

Potholders Pass Shipped and Received!!

Here are the potholders that I sent to my secret partner.  She should receive it sometime this next week.  I can't say much about her except that she posted on Flickr that she likes them.  I included a little house pincushion as a little extra.  I am thinking of doing a tutorial next month for both the potholders and the house pincushion.  Anyone interested?

Here's what came yesterday but I didn't find until today.  I have what is almost extinct in this country.  Door to door mail service.  I have a slot in my office wall where the mail is deposited.  If the mailman can't insert it they leave it on my bench right outside the door and next to the slot.  I didn't see this until I went out front to water this morning.  What a Sunday surprise. 
Just look at the decorated envelope.  Isn't it just great!!!  Inside was the wrapped package.  My partner took a lot of time and consideration for this swap.  I really love that! Here is the back of the envelope.

Now wait until you see what was inside the wrapped package.  Can you stand the suspense? 

They aren't potholders they are little pieces of art!!!!   Can you see the little pumpkins in front of the house?  Look at that tree and moon.  These are so cute. I won't be able to use them so let's see how I am featuring them in my kitchen.

I already owned this colorful magnetic clips and they offset this little quilts perfectly.  Now I will smile every time I open the frig.  How did she know what colors to do to match my clips?  The mystery of life.  Thank you MyHeart4Him!!! I couldn't be happier.

Creating is the key!! 


  1. Awesome surprise. They look great on your fridge. I think that is as closs to the oven as they would get in my house.

  2. I would be *so* interested in the tutorial. Especially the pincushion, as it's so adorable, but also the potholders. I'm thinking of doing some for Christmas, and I love that scrappy design.

  3. I would love to know how to make the'house pin cushion please.

    Annie in Australia

  4. I would love the house tutorial!! you must share! Thanks for such a great site!


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