Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mini Quilt Hanging Sleeve

I've been really busy completed my Halloween Doll and tutorial to premier on Howl-oween Craftathon at .   It will be posted on the 5th of October and that is when I will post it here with a link to their post. 

In the meantime I thought I would show how I hung a few of the mini quilts that I have recently received in all my swaps.
Here is the start of my hall of fame.  The top left is: By the Pond created by AlwaysSewLove.  Top right: Waiting for my Lady a cross stitched beaded lovely by my sister, Bonnie.  Bottom left:  Frogs Legs by CASharp.  Bottom right:  Dahlia by Handmaderetro.  Aren't they all great and there is room for a lot more.  Now my beaded frog has friends.  He's been so lonely stuck in my office all alone.  Now he has a girl friend to share life with.

I made hanging sleeves for all the mini quilts and sewed them to the back.  Here is a small tutorial to share with you on how I did this.  

1. Purchase a wood slat at your favorite lumber store.  The slat should be about 1" wide and 1/4" deep.  I found them in the finishing wood. They come is different lengths.  I usually buy big so that I can have extra on hand.

2.  Measure width of mini quilt to be hung.  Cut slat to exact width of quilt. 

3.  Cut muslin for sleeve.  The length of the muslin should be the exact measurement of the width of the quilt.  The width of the muslin should be the width of the slat time 2 + 1".  So if you quilt is say 16" wide and you slat is 1" your muslin would be cut as 16"x 3".

4.  Turn under 1/4" on each short edge, press.  Turn under another 1/4" on each edge, press.  Top stitch these edges down.  This will make the sleeve 1" shorter than the quilt.  This leaves room to create a hole in order to hang the quilt.

5.  Fold muslin in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.  Sew raw edges together using a 1/4" seam allowance creating a tube.  Press seam allowance open.

6.  Flatten muslin tube with the seam allowance centered in the middle.  Lightly press.
7.   Place and pin muslin to back of quilt top, right under binding. Be sure to center muslin tube in center of the quilt back.  Sew top of sleeve down being careful to not let stitches show on the front of the quilt.   

8.  Before sewing down the bottom of the sleeve, make a 1/4" pleat and pin down.  This will take up the depth of the wooden slate so that it doesn't distort the quilt from the front.  Now sew down bottom of sleeve to quilt.  Remove pins.  Insert slate into sleeve and mark slate for drilling. 
9.  Hang


  1. Thanks. I hadn't thought about the slats. And you just hang these on nails or screws or picture hangers?

  2. For small quilts I just use 1" finishing nails straight into the wall. Then I hang the slat alone and push the nails flush with the outside edge. Insert the slat into quilt sleeve and hang on nails. Of course be sure to level the slat before putting nails into the wall. For larger quilts I use larger wood about 1/2" thick boards and larger nails using the same methods used here.


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